Transformed Living is based around a particularly successful teaching series on Ephesians 4—6, road-tested at Senior Pastor Dave Smith’s church, KingsGate Community Church.

Ephesians is a rich and dynamic book of the Bible that has so much to teach us about who we are in Christ. Dave has become more and more aware that questions concerning identity, belonging and purpose are key for the whole Church. Transformed Living is a stand-alone programme, but can be used as the second part of a series with Transformed Life, which focuses on questions of identity, purpose and belonging, using Ephesians 1—3.

We asked Dave Smith about his heart behind Transformed Living:

What inspired you to write about Ephesians and transformation?

I have a passion to see lives transformed. Ephesians is perhaps the most powerful and succinct summary of what God has done for us in Christ (chapters 1—3), and of how we are to live as a result (chapters 4—6).

What changes would you hope to see in people and churches after they have followed each series?

I would love to see a whole generation grow increasingly secure in their new identity, belonging and purpose in Christ, and then live out their lives in accordance with His great plan.

What makes this new church programme easy-to-use?

Transformed Living, like all church previous church programmes, provides materials that are accessible for individuals and churches to use, based on the principle of everyone focusing on the same topic over a short season through multiple forms of learning — weekend teaching, small group online videos and discussions, daily readings and weekly memory verses.

Other authors have also advocated the power of a short, intense, all-church spiritual growth season. One of the most frequent comments from our previous church programmes (Transformed Life and 40 Days with Jesus), is that pastors have appreciated being able to use or adapt the free sermon notes.

What was the most beneficial result that you witnessed as a pastor while running Transformed Life and Transformed Living in your own church?

Aside from the long-term transformational effect in the lives of individuals, which is central but hard to measure, the most tangible result would be many more people joining existing or new small groups, many of whom have continued to connect together in those forums.

Watch Senior Pastor Dave Smith talk more about Transformed Living.

About Dave Smith

Dave Smith has been called one of the most inspirational Christian leaders in the UK today and is Senior Pastor at KingsGate Community Church in Peterborough, Cambridge and Leicester. He became a Christian while studying at Oxford University and went on to complete a Doctorate. He and his wife planted KingsGate in 1988, a lively and thriving church that has obtained national profile on Songs of Praise and BBC Radio 1.

Dave is also the author of the best-selling 40 Days with Jesus, a post-Easter resource that invites you to actively explore the accounts of the risen Jesus, and the popular church programme Transformed Life, which focuses on the teachings on identity, purpose and belonging found in Ephesians 1—3.