24-7 Prayer and Waverley Abbey Trust have created a beautiful garden based on ‘Remembering’ and it is designed to help people process pain and loss.

This is particularly relevant after two years of the pandemic when many have lost both loved ones as well as jobs, relationships and freedoms. The Remembering Garden is next to Waverley Abbey House, by the water’s edge, in the beautiful, idyllic setting of the woods and garden.

The Remembering Garden is designed to make the most of the beauty and wildness of nature, and create a safe space for you to interact with installations or to just be. It will be a place of encounter.

More specifically the garden is based upon a well-researched model of bereavement which identifies 4 ‘tasks’ of grief. The installations are therefore designed in 4 areas. We recognise that grief is very individual and people experience it in different ways, so you can interact with it wherever you are at. There is also a sensory garden where you can just sit and enjoy the beauty. There will be QR codes in the garden at different places where you can access music as another way of accessing the experience.

It is for anyone who has experienced a loss, of whatever form and would value the opportunity to use this space. It can be hard to process loss in the busyness of life, and for some it is difficult to articulate how they even feel or how to move forward. The installations in the garden will give a small opportunity to help you address some of these things.

It is completely free to use, and you can bring others with you, or enjoy it as a group.

The garden is not wheelchair accessible, but we have created an alternative experience in the Prayer Room inside Waverley Abbey House.


It is possible to book a one hour slot in the garden where you can enjoy the garden in a more private way.

However since the garden is an open site, please be aware that there may be others in the Waverley Abbey grounds at the time, so complete privacy cannot be guaranteed.