Over the coming years, we plan to use our commercial networks and collective expertise to nurture young innovators and entrepreneurs as they start up and incubate new ethical businesses. These businesses will found, fund and fuel enterprise under the Waverley Abbey brand and will be run for profit, creating an economic engine that will enable our vision to be sustainable and that also resources other Kingdom endeavours. These ventures will be ethical by focusing on investing in people and the planet.


We support the manufacturing of sustainable products that help make our community and country healthy.


We focus on tech and music businesses that seek to have supply chains with little or no climate impact.


We support work in micro-businesses like art, farming and animal husbandry.

Job Creation

Through all of this we plan to especially support local unemployed and disadvantaged people by creating jobs and apprenticeships.

The God of the Bible is not a passive, detached spiritual being but a dynamic, active and entrepreneurial being. Work was God’s idea in the first place and therefore matters to him.

Ken Costa

The possibilities are eternal

Joining in with centuries of dynamic commerce at Waverley Abbey, we will nurture young ethical innovators and entrepreneurs to sustain our vision and resource other Kingdom endeavours.