A beautiful garden designed to help people process pain, loss and grief.

The Remembering Garden is for anyone who has experienced a loss – of a loved one, a job, a relationship.

Based upon a well-researched model of bereavement that identifies 4 ‘tasks’ of grief, the garden’s installations are laid out in 4 areas. The garden is designed to make the most of the beauty and wildness of nature. It takes you on a journey through the woods and greenery, next to the water’s edge.

It’s a safe space to interact with the installations or, to just be. Free to use, you can bring others with you, or enjoy it alone. You can visit solely to use the garden, or you might look to book a retreat at Waverley Abbey in which you can make use of it.

The garden is not wheelchair accessible, so we have created an alternative experience in the Prayer Room inside Waverley Abbey House.


We have created some relaxing, meditative music to accompany your visit to the garden. While this is designed to be enjoyed while spending time in the garden, you are welcome to listen to it at any time.