On this ancient site of 1,300 years of Christian prayer and worship, we are committed to providing a place for a new generation to encounter God and learn how to develop a rhythm for life by being refreshed, restored and transformed in His presence. 

Daily Devotional

Looking for a resource for personal revival? Every Day with Jesus is our daily Bible devotional and has been helping people encounter God through Scripture for over 50 years.

24-7 House of Prayer

On this site of the first Cistercian Abbey in Britain, we are developing a modern monastic community and a 24-7 House of Prayer, for all nations and generations, open to everyone.

Prayer Garden

In our stunning grounds, we have created a Prayer Garden to help you encounter God outside in nature, with a particular focusing on pain, loss and grief.


For decades we have produced trusted resources to help with you encounter God and be transformed, from a directory of Christian Counsellors to downloadable guides to Kingdom living.

“My time at Waverley Abbey was such an enormous gift to my soul and my faith.”

Retreat Attendee

Encounter a new rhythm
of life

One encounter with God can change everything. Experience God’s love, truth and life, on a site of over 1,300 years of Christian prayer and worship.