Imagine a world where everyone is released into their full God-given potential.

Imagine a place where all can come to be restored, revived, educated, equipped and empowered. Trained for the practical work of the gospel in society, business and the Church – with Jesus at the centre.

And imagine from this place, Waverley Abbey, the world being impacted significantly for the Kingdom of God in a new generation.

“As we look at the church and the world today, there is a need for a new generation of Christians to be filled with the Spirit, take hold of everything for which Jesus has taken hold of them, to be transformed and go out and transform the world. Waverley Abbey is here to see a new generation encouraged, excited and equipped for this great commission.”

Dave Wesson | CEO


Ancient Spark

Waverley Abbey has a remarkable history as a site of Christian prayer and worship for over 1,300 years. The land was dedicated in 688AD as a place of prayer and witness. In 1128AD it’s where the first Cistercian monastery in Britain was built, whose ruins can still be seen today. And in recent memory, the work of Selwyn Hughes and CWR has a legacy we’re continuing today.  

New Fires

In 2023, we are at a critical moment in world history; a moment of profound spiritual, economic and social upheaval in the UK and across the world. Our response is to establish, in partnership with 24-7 Prayer, a radical new centre of prayer, learning, commerce and connection. 

A place of encounter

We believe that one encounter with God can change everything, which is why encounter is at the core of Waverley Abbey. As a site of Christian prayer and worship for more than 1,400 years, we continue that rhythm of life and weave it into everything we do. 

A place of education 

Since 1987 Waverley Abbey College has equipped Christians with thought leadership and practical skills to form, transform and lead in their communities. We are one of the largest providers of Christian Counselling qualifications in Europe and are fast becoming the leading provider of Chaplaincy training in the UK.

A place for events and hospitality

Situated in a Grade II-listed manor built in 1723, Waverley Abbey is surrounded by 112 acres of English countryside in the heart of Surrey. Under an hour from London, it’s the ultimate countryside experience to be refreshed, restored and revived.

A place for enterprise

Waverley Abbey has been a place of dynamic commerce for centuries. By nurturing young ethical innovators and entrepreneurs under our brand, we’ll create an economic engine that makes our vision sustainable and resources other Kingdom endeavours.